17 March 2009

The Wiki Witch of the West

So I took a closer look at EVE's amazing wiki (heya, Mynxee)... and it rocks!

Anyway, I found the EVE wiki and I may have been writing one or two things. Go check it out.

But I must warn you beforehand. Those who know I play RL may know that my, ah, RL character sometimes writes stuff... dry stuff, sometimes so very dry that your lips will chap and your skin will peel, and that's halfway through the first paragraph. If you are still awake.

So before you read any, go drink something and put some chapstick on. Bring a pillow, just in case.

You have been warned.


(Credit and thanks go to Gyra Rho for ISGC rules PDF, which I totally cut and pasted into the wiki, now it is the base for what we do in the future.)

1 comment:

  1. Nice entries, Quin! We bloggers could do a LOT to help grow the content of that Wiki...I hope others of us take the ball and run with it.