09 March 2009

Racing That

I still have trouble believing it.

We won.

It is not like, "we won a race," mind you. I am really trying to be polite and not gloat in public, I know there are people reading. Really. Trying. Hard.

But I can't stop smiling every time I think about it.

In a word, our team had a very good Season 7 start. All of us, even our rookiest racers arrived before any of our adversaries. We won every class. I think this is going to change once the times and penalties are known and this will be very hard to repeat, but right now I am savoring the result. The track killed the interceptors' speed advantage and Kay was less than amused (hey, it's not like it was your fault)... yet we made it! I am very, very proud of my team.

But I would not want to gloat. So I better keep quiet, and will come back when the rush has worn off, with a better report and maybe even pics I had a chance to take.

Oh, by the way? I race a Jaguar.


  1. Well done! I'll be cheering for you in the next one.

  2. Oh dear, you're not the only one grinning when you think of the race. I tried so very hard not to gloat about it in Racing Channel. I have the utmost respect for our adversaries.

    But I so wanted to! :D

    Sadly the end results will take away some of that glory. The after-race chat revealed our rookie had missed the real can #10. But to me it doesn't take anything away from her. She did keep Takashi at bay for the entire long dash to the finish line. That's more than I've been able to do in the past.

  3. I think I know what happened at the race and it was lots of luck.

    Today I feel a bit guilty, almost as if I did something I should not have. Sort of stealing someone's entire cookie jar.

    Tak is so going to get back at us...