05 January 2009

Hi, I am Catherine Delorois and I am a racer

(Sorry about that, haha, I guess I just had to do it ;-)

My friends call me Quintrala or just Quin.

I graduated from the University of Caille Business School with the class of 108 and, two years on, I am having a blast in space. I am still at UC doing graduate study on the rest of the stuff like, shooting straight, flying fast, research, also being captain of the University racing team -I will tell you all about that later- and trading here and there. Running, mostly, but definitely not in a hurry to join the corporate world outside...

Before? I was a "diplo-brat," we moved with dad's posts outside the Fed here and there so I have been around. I grew up in Matar -born there, actually- and Amarr space -teen hell if you ask me- and can still speak some of the local dialects. Mbae tekó, chera'a? Mom & dad are retired and well (no, they have not been mercilessly murdered by pirates - although I would strangle them myself sometimes) and living at a nice safe distance.

I like people and fun. Love the colour red, things that red-shift -things that go very very fast for you doppler-blind,- fast bikes, fast cars, fast spaceships, slow food (Achura food, mmm), fine wine. Red, please, or maybe a glass of Auvergne. Planetside? An occasional holoflick or an interesting read, dancing, biking, open water diving, skiing, sightseeing, meeting interesting people.

And now? Blogging. I read other people's blogs, capsuleers mostly, drop a note or two once in a while and, well, it is about people and fun! Why not try it myself?

So here I go. Happy 111 everyone, and see you around! -Q


  1. Awesome... awesome post.

    Makes me really want to embrace my pilot and start posting from her perspective. :)

  2. Thank you!

    You should do that, it will be fun for both of you! :)