05 March 2009

Racing What?

After our first exhibition race, the serious competition starts this coming Sunday. This means I drop everything related to track design and hosting and get to race myself. I even forced my brother to resign ISRC, mwa ha ha. La Scuderia is ready, team-mates sort of ready, our competitors seem certainly ready, everyone is ready. Am I ready? Of course not...

I wonder, what should I wear to the party?

On one hand, I could keep going with my interceptor, nowadays the Speed Potion #2. I know her so well... I have raced inties for three seasons now, I have even come up with cool stuff and have ideas to improve. I would be fleet booster from the front -which gives us a faster team. With our kickass inty racers, Kay and Searaph, this makes for a very strong SDS team.

Now, remember that The Tak is Back. Since S4, we have never beaten Takashi's season... maybe the odd race here or there, but not a season. We will need all our team's strengths to beat him and his VRT team... and I make the team stronger if I race inty. And if we carry inties, the other classes benefit as well.

On another hand, I can go race an AF, something that I have never done before. It is all about following others' lead. I do not know AF race fitting, my fleet bonuses would work from the back which I guess is silly. I hate hyper rigs, such a waste of slots, but I would need them. Our team has been traditionally weak on AFs (speed-wise, 'cause our AF pilots can still shoot stuff out of the sky), this would be an opportunity to change that. We would go into FI's and Dirtside's turf. Also, if I do well it is a chance to go for a triple crown: Frigates Champion (S3), Interceptors (S6) and finally AF (S7?), first one ever! If I manage that.

So I was thinking that aloud... so loud in fact that I ended up buying and half-fitting a new racer: FĂ©line Fatale, a Jaguar. It could have been a Wolf with all those low slots, but the Jag is lighter and I think I am more of a cat person. Plus, "I race a Jaguar" has such a nice ring to it.

And so... should I go for the safety of racing an interceptor, for the good of the team, guaranteed fun and a shot at beating the best? Or should I forgo team strength and my own, for a learning experience, possible pain and a shot at personal glory with the AF class?

I wonder...



  1. Ok, noob question here. I follow your blog quite a lot though I rarely comment and... Whilst I recall races in Eve once, long ago, is this all IC now? Or do you race?

    If you do :) How does one go about making a team, entering said races etc? :) And where can I see them?

  2. Ah, thanks for reading!

    Am I a pretend racer? ;) Sweetie, these races are as real as my spaceship; which is to say, yes I do race. (Note, if I have really done something then I tag it "in game", I do however write stuff around it).

    Our next race starts in Molden Heath on Sunday 8 March at 20:00 - I you want, show up on chat channel RACINGLEAGUE by 19:00 and we should be done by 22:00 tops (21:00 if you are any good ;)

    See how to register here.

    I would say it works like a rally, so I think the best place to see is to race yourself. The second best is undocking station. The track is kept secret even from the racers, we discover it while racing so... the only other way to watch is blind luck.

    Now, what should I race?

  3. Race AFs :)

    Thanks for the info. I'll have a look into a team I think, interested in doing something in Eve other than the normal grind or hunt.