22 January 2009

Ship Profile: A Wing and a Prayer

Name: A Wing and a Prayer
Class: T1 Frigate
Manufacturer: Amarr Imperial Navy
Top Speed: 11.9 km/s (pre-nerf)
Warp Speed: 6 AU/s
Align time: 1.2 s
Service: ISGC Seasons 3 (University of Caille), Season 4 (loan to Venture Racing Team)
Status: Lost 5 November 113, racing
Freaky fact: Was part of a subtle revenge plan, called off

The first thing many will point out, yes it is an Amarrian frigate. So what? Well, it is not like the craftmanship compares to a Roden or a Duvolle ride. Amarr Navy? No leather lined passenger seats, little or no ergonomics, some of the trimmings are really, ew, utilitarian like that one handle, or the odd ugly service hatch in plain sight. Zero luxury. Nor does it have the raw engine power on a Boundless or any other Minmatar ship. Can't fit a nice egonics system, even the basic sound system on a Caldari ship will kill the CPU dead on mine; flap, I can't even chat on local without having navi problems.

And you know what? Whatever!

This one is mine mine mine and I love her. Look at her, a golden, shiny, beautiful arrowpoint. Built for speed. A Wing and a Prayer, she is called and... can you see the wing logo on the right side? The name was a good idea at the time, and I still think so. A mix of raw speed and fragile beauty.

See here, the Ammy Navy got a couple of things right. Totally right. The ship herself is very fast, and very light to begin with. Now the armor has been removed in so many places to install racing stuff - you can see the holes and some electronics right inside - yes that is the work of our UC boffins. They took their time to patch her back and in the meantime, I had to race a sieve. Also, there is so much polycardboard inside that you can probably push her around by hand. She has been altered and tweaked so much that by now, she is as close to an interceptor as she can get, while still being T1. She thinks she is an inty, I swear. Did you know she can beat an Ares in a series of short jumps? Of course the Ares will win on the long ones, but still, wicked riding...

The point is, she is the fastest racing frigate, ever. I flew her mostly during season 3 of the ISGC racing league and we won the T1 championship :D We won every single race we flew together... except that exhibition we lost to Tak on season 5 with the navi error. And the S6 one we lost to Kay, on the long jumps. My bad, 'cause she? She is perfect!

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