22 January 2009


There is something about the hustle and bustle once you land planetside. This is so especially true in Minmatar worlds...

We were going to the beach.

During the shuttle ride from station down to one of the beautiful Mioar islands in Pator, I had managed to leave my handbag behind. It was likely to be delivered at the hotel anyhow, but that would take hours and, no way I was going to wait inside. So it was off to the small market to get some basics!

The market, a collection of houses on stilts, was a short walk away from the hotel but an entire world apart. It was totally not the aluminium-clean feel of a station, nor was it held together by duct tape; it did not have that phony plastic feeling of the many foreign-owned hotels around. It was real, in its smoky, noisy, messy way, it was totally real. And, real people too, hurrying here and there, letting you know with their elbows that you are on the way, or with their pickpocketing fingers that you have too much money.

Anyhow, no handbag? No problem.

Seafood here -how could there not be?- a row of 'restaurants,' each one roughly the size of your closet. "iced tea, iced tea, would you like some iced tea?" (let me tell you it is not tea and definitely not iced -it is just their way of selling moonshine without a permit. Not that anyone cares anyway.)

Souvenirs of all kinds, wooden, plastic, you name it; relics "this is one of the last remaining from before the Amarr came! Two for one ISK!" hats for the sun that were such a big hit with us foreigners, tannin pills -got my own, thankyouverymuch. And sunglasses, that is what I was after.

"Get you rule-100 sunglasses here! Get your rule-100... lady, how about the coolest sunglasses you have ever worn?"

You have to admit, if there is one icon for the Brutor people from Mioar, it's got to be the sunglasses. It is not just the cartoons and the movies, not the stereotype, it's... it's real! Half of them wear sunglasses even inside and they do look cool. There is something to be said for a people that has lived under the sun since forever: they do know their shades.

But "rule-100?" That was new to me, I visited often and made it a point to get my shades from places like this. I asked the kid, what rule-100 was about.

He looked at me with a mix of surprise and pity, as if I were the village idiot or something. "Ya kidding me? Rule #100, look very cool in sunglasses! Everyone knows that!"

So I decided not to ask any more silly questions, lest I officially became the village idiot. He just threw his head back and laughed, then proceeded to show me his 'officially endorsed' merchandise. Finally, I saw these and fell in love with them...

So here is a holo from the beach with my rule-100's. Wish you were there!


  1. Ah, the Ceptor champion does indeed need cool glasses. Will you be wearing these now at press conferences, then?


  2. ((OOC actually, I had the sunglasses ready to go for a press conference about VRT breaking into our hangar a year ago... but went with something else ;-)

    So I came around that rule-100 and decided to use the pic. I think I wrote it too fast and clumsily but, retouched a bit now.))