26 January 2009

Political rant

I once met a man from Amarr,
in the strangest of places - a bar,
they served him a beer,
he replied with a sneer:
"I would rather look from afar."

I met a very interesting person the other night at the Daredevil's Lounge, a commander with the Amarr militia who was with a friend of mine. She shall remain unnamed, for now.

Pleasantries and unpleasantries were exchanged. She sort of made it a point to be rude to almost everyone else in there -she seems to be so very in touch with her phobias. Anyway, things settled down a bit and we had a chance to lament together the killing of innocents, toast to peace and keep chatting.

Eventually conversation went back to politics, onto the "chosen ones," and how it is the natural order of things for one to serve one's betters, yadda yadda yadda, how everyone has his place in God's plan, and how in a couple of centuries everyone will be happy, or else. You know, the typical Holder rant, but the rude version. So I told her how I totally understood that, and that tale about the chosen ones. I think that took her by surprise. The thing is, I truly think some people are chosen and that she is one of them. And it makes me feel so sad for her...

I mean, you go girl. Stand up. Be chosen. Let whoever is in charge tell what to do, you little lemming...

Objects are chosen. If someone wants to pretend she is a chosen cabbage, sitting on the premium shelf looking down on the hydroponics and telling them what to do, I don't really mind. But to push people around and be rude because they won't play veggie with them? It is so difficult to understand, to feel proud of being a thing.

Me? I will be over there with the "choosy ones," any time. I told her, see, where I come from, people from different worlds, with different stories to tell, skills to sell and goals so dissimilar... these people stick together because they choose to, every day. Not because someone is sticking a gun to their face.

That's what makes my people exceptional -our diversity and the fact that we have chosen a common destiny. We may have our differences, but that's what happens to discerning adults who make choices - they do not agree every single time. But the day -and there have been days- when we speak with a single voice? Run for the hills...

Chosen ones? Pffft. Beware the choosy ones.

Anyhow, even if she did not seem to listen I must confess I sort of enjoyed it. How... different. I wonder if I will be meeting her again.


  1. Nice alternative perspective, there :D I think maybe we all just get so used to tuning the ranting out that the self-righteous feel entitled to continue :p

  2. Yes! But sometimes, I am such a sucker for politics. I know I should not but...

    Anyhow, what is being chosen for something, if not a form of submission? That's why it feels wrong to build one's life around that.

    Think Gallente, dear, all the way :D