07 June 2009

Racing Cookie

June 111, ISRC Season 7, Race 6
Black Rise, After-race party

That's a racing spec cookie.

  • Triple-chocolate cookie (choco cookie, choco chips, white choco chips)
  • The size of my open hand
  • Yummy

I always buy one on the morning of a race day, at a café close to home. It becomes that day's lucky cookie until after the race, when it becomes... history.

Not that it has been helping much lately, Takashi seems to beat us, cookie or no cookie.

Maybe it needs more chocolate...


  1. Takashi drinks motor oil before a race to keep all his robotic gears running smoothly. Perhaps you should try some with the cookie!

  2. *takes notes* racing..cookie.. lots of chocolate.. m-hm..

  3. @Norrin - Motor oil, no thanks :S

    @Laerise - Yup, l-o-t-s!

  4. *Goes nag the slave about baking choco cookies for her sweetie* >_>