15 September 2010

[OOC] The Return of the Quin

Wee, that was some downtime! Take that, CCP :P

Anyway, I think it has been like about a year since I stopped flying regularly, with a couple of fun exceptions. What have I been up to? I have been playing Real Life, baby, like an addict and let me tell you: I HAVE HAD IT.

So I sit down and look at that capsule... and there is so much stuff to do.

I want to fly again.

I want to do new stuff in space.

I would like to, for once, get that next racing season going. There were many interesting ideas, and so little time.

No, I do not think I will be racing again but that's OK.

I want to roleplay.

I think I am definitely going to keep blogging. Stories, fiction, race reports.

You have no idea how long I have been staring at this one post and would really have liked to have much more to say than "I'm back..." but, as they say, just do it and inspiration will come.

It's good to be back!