01 December 2009

Racing Future?

Season 7 is over. So what happens now?

We start all over again.

With one little difference, mind you: I will not be racing. I am done, I quit.

No, no, I retire.

Wow. I look back at three years in space and this has been what I have been doing: racing.

Getting up on Wednesday to look at the next racing region, setting up spares and moving jump clones... bookmarks... spying on the locals... jumping into my race clone on Saturday afternoon so I am ready for race day on Sunday, to either clonejump during the race (ha, ha :P but it worked only twice out of maybe thirty I prepared) or right after the race, for flying free.

I feel as if pro racing has been a freaking job.

And I am so going to miss it.

Also, I have the feeling that I have done so much. I got blown up many times. I started my own racing team, recruited people into, and gently kept people off it. I have been racer on the track and manager off the track; spent so much time coming up with ways to outrun, outlast or simply outsmart. We went through a merger with the best of the best. And then, I won three championships, one for each class. Who's the Quin?

I had to train skills to build wonderfully weird ship fittings. Sure, speed in the low slots, tank in the middle and who cares about the highs. Shield-tanked badass-neut large-polycardboard cloaking racing Malediction anyone?

I have met many interesting people within, around and outside the racing circuit. Fostered friends and grapevine the size of half of Auvergne. Kept deadly secrets, and saw mine revealed.

It has been so much fun.

So, there. I am done because I feel that I have done everything now.

So what happens now?

I think I will have more time to write my racing memoirs... Season 4 still halfway, there is quite a bit of writing yet to be done.

I am sure that Kay will do a wonderful job running our team. Her team now. It feels funny to say that.

I will take up that part-time job at ISRC and help KillJoy with race organizing. I will probably get to write on the races from a sports commentator point of view -I never really liked Bouchard's style anyway.

Maybe I will have some free time to try stuff I have never done, outside of the races.

It feels like an entirely different game. I have some ideas...

It should be fun.
Racing Series
See what happened before

Wait for what happened next


  1. I saw you log in yesterday and wondered how you were doing. I love how organized and developed the racing scene in New Eden is--and I love reading about it. Looking forward to the rest of your memoirs.

    Does a guide exist for those wanting to get into racing?

  2. Shame to hear you are retiring, but it sounds like you're far from done yet.

  3. @Quin: You know, I don't care what anyone says (including you, Quin ;P) because this team is ours. I't not just mine, not even if you happen to currently not be a racer in it.

    @Mynxee: Eh, I used to be working on a guide to racing but somehow all sorts of stuff kept getting in the way, and now the rules are all different... >.< I should perhaps look into that again.

  4. Quin, It is a pity to lose you the racing side. I hope we can fly together once in a while. :)

    you have to take insomnia for a trip again. ^^

    Mynxee, you would have a lot of fun on dock/undock during racing. or did you fix your sec status?:p

  5. @Mynxee: Thanks... I am doing OK. Things have sort of calmed down while I wait. I get to wait.

    The old rules are up in Evelopedia but it will be wonderful when we get the new stuff up :) With guides. Eventually.

    @Myr: Yes! Retired from racing but not retired from the races.

    @Kay: Scuderia, always! You know that! It's just that I will miss running the team as much as running around. Yah, we need to take the guide writing up again.

    @demon: We shall see Insomnia again... lots ;)