05 February 2009

One month blogging

So I am still here, one month after starting to blog.

So far, loads of fun, and many interesting people around. This being my first blog also, so I have been learning stuff. I have found that my original fears of not having anything to write about were unfounded... if anything, I think I am posting a bit too much, a bit too fast. I need to slow down.

Then again... slow down?

I am happy I have eight followers already, it is cool to see people finding this little blog of mine interesting enough to look at. Can you guys make anything out of my babbling? I promise to get the caffeine squirrel thing under control.

I am making friends in the blogo-sphere. We chat here and there, exchange blog comments, and I get to stick my foot in my mouth once in a while. Sorry about that.

It's also a good thing that I am setting my ideas in order. See, I usually have several movies playing in my mind at the same time, some of them in EVE, and have never had a good outlet to set them free. Lagged in Odotte was a favorite idea I never wrote until now (based on a real life drama), as are the Ken Clone stories (what happens when a clone goes wrong? These will be especially fun to those who know Ken -for those who don't, Ken was actually biomassed- and actually I discussed the idea with him some time ago. Keep watching, part 4 brings the goodies). I am a sucker for clones.

Some of the stuff I am posting is older and originally posted elsewhere (Wildcards, Shipswitch). I will eventually run out of these but I think these belong here as well, to explain background, and just in case some forums go down.

Hmmm, I think I am posting too much fiction, and it's all over the place. I need to do something about that. More 'now,' less 'then' or 'what if.'

New month resolutions:
  • Pace myself. Higher quality, lower volume.
  • Save the best for later.
  • Damit. I need to play, and roleplay more.
  • No more caffeine for the squirrel.
Anyhow, I think I will stay, so any advice for improvement would be totally welcome, and rewarded with undying gratitude.

Cheers! -Q


  1. Grats on one month. That's always the hardest part. Do you know about the EVE-Bloggers channel? Might be worth joining if you're not in there already :)

  2. Love your blog...have not thought there was too much volume, as you are in the "Favorites" group of my personal reads. I should comment more to express my appreciation for your posts...sorry I've been a bit slack on that.

  3. @Myrhial, thanks! I dropped by the other day and had a nice chat with Shae and Letrange;)

    @Mynxee, wow thank you. Still too excited to slow down; comments soothe me, I need.my.fix. No worries, I will survive ;)